an archive collecting a selection of previous work.
brand and visual identity
brand identity for Obscur, curated vintage design treasures.
brand identity for Supermoon, yoga teacher and holistic coach.
brand identity for Cosi Homes, an Antwerp based real estate and renovation agency.
brand identity for Unlimited Labels, an interior design brand introducing handmade objects.
brand identity for Comilfoo, a Antwerp based hair saloon.
brand identity for ROF, an architectural agency by EnOf Studio.
brand identity for Mirror Agency.
brand identity for Petit Sauvage, carefully curated clothing for the little ones.
brand identity for Laundry Lab, a fashion agency launching it's own clothing line.
brand identity for Bara, a personal trainer focussing on women.
brand identity for Damkliniek, an all-round aesthetic clinic.
brand identity for The Collector's House, a guest house and event space located in Antwerp.
content creation
   photography for Copperhead, presenting their new non-alcohol gin. 
Booklet for Kunoka, a Belgian shoe brand.
wedding and birth
birth card and stationary for twins Gabriel & Mattheo.
birth card for babygirl Rafaelle.
birth card and stamp for Eloïse.
birth card for Amelia May.
birth card and stationary for Archie.
wedding invitations for Mika & William.